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Bankruptcies, Judgments & Tax Liens

Price: $5.00 Statewide or Nationwide
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Savvy investigators know that a background search isn't complete without this search.

Does an individual or business have a state or federal tax lien against them? Have they filed for bankruptcy? Do they owe money from civil judgments? To whom do they owe money and how much? Will you be wasting your time pursuing a judgment? Should you do business with them?

This simple $5 search will give you the answers you need and provide you with a clearer picture of your subject's financial history. Search statewide or nationwide for the same low price.

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You can enter an optional reference code for your own tracking purposes. The code will appear on your credit card billing statement or monthly invoice. (NOTE: Reference code may not be available for some credit cards.)

CAUTION: Search results will only include records that contain a Social Security Number or Tax ID. Since judgments aren't normally referenced by one of these numbers, then you WILL NOT find judgments here.

Also, if a bankruptcy or tax lien record does not contain a Social Security or Tax ID Number, then it will not appear in your results.
BEST results are found on the Search By Name page.

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