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Search for Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, and more.

Advantages overOnline State Registries:

  • Search nationwide by business or individual name
  • Search ALL states by individual name to find Agents, Officers, and Directors
  • Find records for previous company names (e.g. in California)
  1. Input the business name only. Leave out suffixes like LLC, INC, LLP, LP.
  2. Search by the simplest, most accurate name. If you are looking for "Grand Design Fortress Mattress Company, LLC," we recommend that you input "Grand Design" or "Grand Design Fortress."
  3. Searching a single word is not advisable, as it will give you too many results.
  4. Be aware that there is a limit of 250 results. The closest matching results will display first.
  5. Once you find the record you want, checkState recordsfor more information.

This search provides records acquired from Secretary of States and may include Entity Type, Status, Filing Date, Filing State, Purpose, names & addresses of officers and registered agents, stock information, and history. This information is intended as a resource to help you find business records you need, but should not be considered a replacement for official State Records. All information retrieved from or through must be utilized in accordance with theUser Agreementand all applicable state and federal laws, including theFair Credit Reporting Act; any violation of these will be grounds for immediate termination of your account without notice. Please see ourDisclaimer, Privacy Policy

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